Snow Ploughing We employ the latest  technology in ploughing equipment to keep your property open and safe in the worst winter storms. From large commercial properties that cover several acres to smaller units, we have all the equipment and materials needed for any size project.snow plough



Trying to get anywhere when frost, ice and snow is on the ground is hard enough but if you have staff and customers unable to reach you it can seriously affect your revenue too.

It has now become your responsibility to minimise the risks associated with extreme weather conditions. With today's litigious 'no win, no fee' attitude, can you afford not to have a reliable winter maintenance contractor?


At  IRISHSALTGRITTING  we utilize our extensive experience with ice and snow melting products to meet the specific needs of our customers. We are proactive rather than reactive when dealing with ice and snow. 


For each application we consider:

Melting Speed

Impact on asphalt or concrete

Impact on landscaping

Optimum melting temperature


We then match up the appropriate material to meet your performance criteria for the type of precipitation we face. We do not sand as a method of dealing with ice since it does not melt and only temporarily aids in traction. Any cost savings will be offset by cleaning and removing the material from the property.gritter fendt



IRISHSALTGRITTING offers the capability to remove snow from your property entirely offsite to one of our snow dumps . Small or large properties often require removal offsite or to another location onsite and we offer that capability whether it’s a large loader and dump trucks to a small Bobcat or a jcb to get into the small spaces .k



We have the ability to bring as many as a dozen workers to any one site to remove snow from walkways, stairs and sidewalks. This is the most critical service we can offer since most slip and falls occur on walkways and stairs. Our service providers travel in a dedicated vehicle specifically for shoveling. This means you don’t have to wait for a plow truck to comeback to your property just to shovel the stairs as most other companies do not have separate vehicle for this.