+ Why use salt ?
+ Why should I be worried about ice and snow forming?
+ How do we decide when to grit?
+ When do the salt spreaders go out?
+ What happens when it rains and then immediately freezes?
+ Do you use salt spreading for snow clearing?
+ Why don’t we grit every night sub zero temperatures are predicted?
+ How much salt do we use?
+ After gritting will our surfaces be 100% safe?
+ How does the salt work?
+ How do we know when ice or snow is on the way?
+ type of premise do you grit
+ how much will your gritting cost
+ what is involved in salt grittiing
+ snow
+ Weather forecasting and decision making
+ How can we get it wrong?
+ Rocksalt
+ Why is it better to grit in advance of bad weather rather than after it has happened?
+ What type of grit / salt is used and why?
+ How much grit/salt is used?
+ What happens when there are multiple days of bad weather?
+ Once gritting has been carried out, is the ground fully safe to walk on?
+ Can the weather always be predicted accurately?
+ What equipment is used for car park gritting?